Who we are?

Spotterpix.de is a joint project that emerged from virtual.spotterpix.de (VSP) and Flugsimulatorbilder.de (FSB). The project FSB at its time was intended to be established in the long term and to be raised professionally. However, the time of Swen, the creator of FSB, was no longer sufficient, so Patrick (VSP) joined in. It was only through their joint great efforts that the site became more comprehensive and comfortable.

Everything that Swen had imagined was continuously expanded together. With that, the cooperation was perfect and SpotterpiX was born. Since 2006, the visual appearance of this project has changed slightly. In the future we will offer all themes of the previous years just in case you prefer on of the previous ones.

What we are offering?

Spotterpix offers a platform for presenting images / screenshots of all flight simulators. Every user can upload an unlimited number of images, comment on them, rate them or simply browse through them. As a certain quality of the pictures is required, it may happen that pictures are rejected. Please refer to the current rules.

Virtual airlines are very welcome and will be added to the database upon request. For enquiries, you can contact us directly via the contact form or by e-mail:
support (at) spotterpix.de